Creating Interactive Discounts

How and why would you set up a Discount to be Interactive

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Interactive Discount means a discount that your customers will have a way to "interact" with by applying it to the proposal or removing it and seeing how it impacts their Investment.

Interactive Discounts are a bit different from the rest of the Discounts because they will apply without affecting your markups, like Commission allocation, Financing allocation, Price Adjustment, etc..

In other words, if you want to give a $200 Discount it will do just that:

$Sale Price - $200 Interactive = New Total Investment

Why would I need it?

Similar to offering recommended items, Interactive Discounts will be putting the power of decision-making into your customer's hands. A common example can be a combination of a discount and an add-on: after the customer adds a Service Plan from a recommended items section -- they can then apply the offered Interactive Discount (read more).

Interactive Discount of financing markdown type ("cash discount") is especially powerful since it allows your customer to have a much more positive experience when it comes to the money-talk.

How does it work?

  1. From Office >> Rebates & Discounts >> create a new Discount

  2. Give it a name (up to 600 characters long)

  3. Select the value Type: $ | Remove Financing Markup*

  4. Select if you want the Discount to be Interactive or not

  5. Save

*If you select Remove Financing Markup you will have no other choice, but to set it as Interactive. Learn more about 'cash discount' here.

Example of creating an Interactive Discount:

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