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Add New Users

How to create users, admin or consultant

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There are two kinds of users you can create in your OnCall Air account:

  1. Admin User: An admin has access to both the office and the proposal app. The proposal app is where you can build a proposal. The office is where you can configure the system and settings (equipment, pricing...etc).

  2. Consultant User: A consultant ONLY has access to the proposal app, meaning they can only build and present a proposal. They do not have access to the office.

How to Add Users

***Only Admin can add new users***

  1. Go to the Office:

2. Click on Users on the left sidebar:

3. Click on Create User in the top right corner:

4. Fill in the required information:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address** (It is important each user has a different email address)

5. Select their role, make sure "Send Invitation" is checked, then click Save:

Once you click save, the user will receive an email with their temporary password. If the user does not receive an email right away please have them check their SPAM/JUNK folder. This email will come from "".

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