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Offer Multiple Financing Options on a Individual Proposal
Offer Multiple Financing Options on a Individual Proposal

How to offer multiple financing options on an individual proposal

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Give customers more flexibility to choose the financing plan that best first their need by presenting them with multiple financing options.

Selection of financing plans while building a proposal

To offer a variety of financing choices, start by navigating to the summary tab and choosing the primary financing option. This primary option will be the initial financing choice presented to the customer when the proposal is presented. Consider it as the financing option that you wish to highlight and prioritize first:

Once you have chosen the primary financing option, you will notice that the alternate financing options becomes visible. The alternate financing options display all available financing options with an equivalent financing mark-up compared to the primary option. This prevents the total investment from changing for the consumer depending on which financing plan they select. (Learn more about baking in merchant fees into your pricing).

To offer additional alternate financing options to the customer, simply select them in this section. The selected options will appear in the order they were chosen.

Please note that there is a maximum limit of 5 alternate financing options that can be selected per proposal.

Comparison page (presented proposal)

When you have completed the selection of your primary and alternate financing options and are prepared to present them to the customer, simply click the "Present" button.

When you present the proposal, the comparison page will showcase the primary financing option as the main choice:

Individual Proposal Option (presented proposal)

While the individual proposal options will start with the primary financing option and then introduce the alternate financing options for the customer to consider and choose from.


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